rıfat şahiner cv

Born in Ankara in 1969. (BFA) Gazi University, Department of Art Education in 1992. He received his M.F.A. degree from Hacettepe University in 1998 (Thesis: ‘Communicational Networks and Social Isolation’), his Sufficiency in Arts from the same University in 2001 (Dissertation: ‘Informational Signs / Sign Systems’), and became an Associate Professor in 2005. Professor Sahiner has taken part in many solo and group shows at home and international activities. He also presented manifestos in international congress and symposiums.

Exposing the quandaries of the modern individual surrounded by communicational networks in the postmodern era in his works, he aims to deal with the signs this era has brought out. He also adopts a pluralist form informatics, and approaches such themes as everyday life, city and modern icons on the basis of an eclectic structuralism.

Sahiner has published various articles on “Arts”, "Postmodernism", “Popular Culture” and “Video Aesthetics” in various newspapers and journals such as Sanat Dünyamız, Türkiye’de Sanat, Genç Sanat, Rh+ Sanat, Plato, Cumhuriyet and Radikal since 1995. Directed the Art Studio at the Art Council in 1997-1998. Served as the Co-chairman and Executive Officer of the International Association of Plastic Arts’ Ankara chapter in 2000-2002

He is currently an Associate Professor of Combined Arts Department at the Yildiz Technical University’s Faculty of Art and Design.


academic preparation:


Sufficiency in Art, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 2001

Dissertation:"Informational Signs/Sign Systems"

Master of Fine Arts, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 1998

Thesis: "Informational Networks and Social Isolation"

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gazi University, Department of Art Education,Ankara, Turkey, 1992


professional experience:

Associate Professor, 1998-present

Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Istanbul


classes tought:

- Programmes of  Combined Arts,

 Studio I-II, The Techniques and Technologies of Painting, Aesthetics of Contemporary Art, Art Philosophy, Art Theories of 20th Century

- Programmes of Art Management, Communicational Design

  Drawing I-II

- Programme of Photography and Video;

  Color and Composition

- Programme of Phd

  Seminary, Project

-Programme of Sufficieny in Art

 Critical Art Theory



‘Aesthetics of Contemporary Art’, Post-1960 Art, Technology and Art, Postmodernism/Theory of Postmodernism and Postmodern Art, Aesthetics of Video, Popular Culture and Art, Immaterialised Art, Avantgardism-Neo-avantgardism, Appropriation/Copy Art, New Tendencies in Art Education 


solo shows:

2006   “Iconos" 

           Gallery Artist– Istanbul, Turkey


2001    “Icono-Cosmos”

            Karaca Art Gallery – Ankara, Turkey


2000    “Subsequent Images” - Exhibition

State Museum of Painting and Sculpture -İzmir, Turkey


2000    “Visual Systems- II” - Exhibition

                State Gallery of Fine Arts – Eskişehir, Turkey


1998    “Visual Systems” - Exhibition

Karaca Art Gallery – Ankara, Turkey


1996     “Mediatic Pouring” - Exhibition

              State Museum of Painting and Sculpture

        Arif Hikmet Koyunoğlu Hall – Ankara, Turkey


1995    “Media-type Consumption Model”- Installation

Sakarya Caddesi – Ankara, Turkey


1995    “Sensation”- Happening

Kurtuluş Parkı – Ankara, Turkey


1995    “Information Blizzards” - Installation

Kurtuluş Parkı – Ankara, Turkey


group shows:


2007    Karaca Art Gallery 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

         Contemporary Art Center, Ankara, Turkey


2006-   III. Buenos Aires Zonadearte in Action 2006

         “Electronic De/coll/age” video performance

         Buenos Aires, Argentina


2006-   Artists as Three Generations of Gazi

         Contemporary Art Center, Ankara, Turkey


2006    The Twilight Zone Notebook

         Yildiz Technical University, Yüksel Sabanci Hall,

         Istanbul, Turkey


2006      Group Show for Association of Lecturers

         Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul, Turkey


2002     Karaca Art Gallery 5th Anniversary Group Exhibition


          Karaca Art Gallery- Ankara, Turkey


2001     Exhibition 2002, Group Exhibition of Çankaya Municipality

AIAP Ankara Chamber

Center of Contemporary Arts- Ankara, Turkey


2000    Exhibition of AIAP Ankara Chapter Member

         Ankara, Turkey

200      1999    12th Turkish Tobacco Painting Exhibition,             



1999    60th State Painting&Sculpture Exhibition – Ankara, Turkey

1999    60th State Painting&Sculpture Exhibition – Ankara, Turkey

1999    4th Turkish Jockey Club Painting Competition Exhibition -



1999    9th Painting Competition Exhibition – Adana, Turkey

1999    Group Exhibition of Hacettepe University Dept.of Fine Arts

         German Cultural Center – Ankara, Turkey


1999    “In Aziz Nesin’s Memoriam” Group Exhibition

Anadolu Agency Art Gallery – Ankara, Turkey

1998    Group Exhibition

Ozan Orkun Art Gallery – Antalya, Turkey


1998    “The Future of an Illusion” - Installation

          ‘Youth Action-4’,TÜYAP Exhibition Hall – İstanbul, Turkey

1997    58th State Painting&Sculpture Exhibition – Ankara, Turkey


1995-   Group Exhibition of Hacettepe University Dept. of Fine Arts

Vakko – Ankara, Turkey


1995-   55th State Painting&Sculpture Exhibition – Ankara, Turkey

1993    54th State Painting&Sculpture Exhibition – Ankara, Turkey

1993    Group “B.E.R.I” – Painting & Sculpture Exhibition

Ankara University D.T.C.F. Farabi Hall – Ankara, Turkey


symposium, congress, conference, panel

2008-  Şahiner R.,    "Postmodern Art Object"

                                Us Atolyesi

                                Barış Manço Culture Center, Istanbul,

                          May 2008


2008-  Şahiner R.,    "The Copying Strategy in ContemporaryArt"

                                Us Atolyesi

                                Barış Manço Culture Center, İstanbul,

                          Nisan 2008


2007-  Şahiner R.,   "An Attempt to Underst. The Copy Artists' Works"

                               XVII. International Congress of Aesthetics

                         METU Conference Hall, July 2007, Ankara


2007-  Şahiner R.,    "The New Tendencies of Art Education" (panel)

                               "On Art Education in Turkey"

                          Organized by  Association of Lecturers

                          M.S.G.S.U. Conference Hall, Istanbul, Turkey

                          June 2007


2006- Sahiner R.,    “Post-Object: Postmodern Tranformation of Art Obj."

                               “Congress of Aesthetics”

                          ODTU and SANART Collaboration

                          Ankara, 21-24 November 2006


2006- Sahiner R.,    “Globalism and Art”

                               The Economy of Art Symposium

                         Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University

                         Çanakkale, 1-2 December 2006


2006- Sahiner R.,    “Use of Ready-Mades in Contemporary Art”

                               “Art and…….” Symposium

                         Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey,

                         18-20 October 2006


2002- Sahiner R.,    “On Contemporary Creative Education”

                               The Edu. of Creativity in Fine Arts in Turkey”

               Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey

               4-5 June 2002


2002-  Sahiner R.,   “On the New Art Education”

                               "To Educate the Art Teachers in Turkey”

                Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey,

                8-10 May 2002


 1998-  Sahiner R.,   “On the Following the Youth Art-1”

                "Following the Youth Art-1” (Panel)

                    Sanat Kurumu-Ankara, December 1998


published articles:


2007- Sahiner R., "Everday Life in the Miniatures of Siyah Kalem",

           The Art Book, Vol. 14 Issue 4 Page 34 November 2007


2007- Sahiner R., "Copy Art in Con. Art Prac., Copyright and Levine

          Sanat Dunyamiz, Vol.102, Spring 2007


2006- Sahiner R., “On Avant-gardism”,

          Rh+Sanart, Vol.33, October 2006


2006- Sahiner R., "Body and the Art Isoleted in the Geo- Space"  

          Anadolu Sanat, vol.17, Fall 2005


2006- Sahiner R., “On Postmodernism and Immaterialised Art”

          Plato, vol.3, Jan-March 2006


2005- Sahiner R., “The Historical Transform. of The Avant-gardism”

Cumhuriyet Book Review, vol.805, 21 August 2005


2005- Sahiner R., “On Jeff Koons and Banality”

Critique About Jeff Koons and his works

Artist, vol. 16, July -August 2005


2005- Sahiner R., “Why the Gallipoli is not Succesfull?”

Radikal Iki Review, 20th April 2005


2005- Sahiner R., “The Leaden Prints of Incinerated Past: Kiefer”

Critique About Anselm Kiefer and his works

Rh+ Sanat, vol. 16, March 2005


2004- Sahiner R., “The Poetic Justice of Electronic Tranparencies”

            Genç Sanat, Vol. 114, February 2004


2004- Sahiner R., “A Visual Melody of Anatolia by Devrim Erbil”

            About the Abstractional Style of Devrim Erbil

            100 Yüze (Face to Face), İş Bankası Culture Publication, February 2004


2004- Sahiner R., “The Critical Quandaries of Contemporary Art”

Anadolu Sanat, vol. 14, Fall 2003


2003- Sahiner R., “On Art Education at the Turn of the Millennium”

Anadolu Sanat, vol. 13, Fall 2002


2002- Sahiner R., “Fluxus: Design of a Pluralist Future”

            On the Basic Characteristics and Representatives of

            the Post-1960 Artistic Movement ‘Fluxus’

            Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 54, May-August 2002


2001-  Sahiner R., “Computer Art”

             On the Artistic Potential of Post-1960 Informational Technology

             and Computer Age (Unpublished Manuscript)


2001- Sahiner R., “Sign Characteristics of Post-1960 Art"

 Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 50, September-October 2001


2001- Sahiner R., “Video Art: Fictional Cosmos of Electronic Images”

 On Video Art and its Most Important Representatives

 Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 49, May-June-July-August 2001


2000- Sahiner R., “Paik’s Electronic Canvases”

 On Nam June Paik’s Postmodernist Understanding of Art

 Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 46, November-December 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “Giacometti: A Figure on the Verge of Infinity”

Genç Sanat, Vol. 73, September 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “Andy’s Enterprise: Nothing Special-II”

            On Andy Warhol’s Paintings, Movie Language and Eccentric Life

Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 45, September-October 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “Andy’s Enterprise: Nothing Special-I”

            On Andy Warhol’s Paintings, Movie Language and Eccentric Life

Türkiye'de Sanat, vol. 44, June-July-August 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “Picasso: Wonderful Face of an Exile”

On Picasso’s Successes and Failures

Cumhuriyet Book Review, 12 October 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “Moonlight and Sounds of Flute”

            Introduction to Hasan Kıran’s Exhibition Catalogue

            Ankara, 29 November 2000


2000- Sahiner R., “An Ode to Communication’s Destiny”

            Review of Neil Postman’s “Television: Killing Recreation”

            Cumhuriyet Book Review, 4 May 2000


1999- Sahiner R., “Allegoric Reflections of Violence”

            Intro. to Hayri Esmer’s Exhibition Cat. on ‘Signs of Violence’

            Ziraat Bank Exhibition Hall, Ankara, 30 October 1999


1999- Sahiner R., “On Creative Impulse”

            On the Basics of Human Creativity and Artistic Creation

            Reference to Rollo May’s book ‘The Courage to Create’

            Cumhuriyet Book Review, 14 October 1999


1999- Sahiner R., “Cezanne: Godfather of Painting”

            On Paul Cezanne, an Avant-garde of Modern Painting    

            Cumhuriyet Book Review, 22 April 1999


1999- Sahiner R., “Rimbaud: Chemist of Dreamy Words”

            On French Poet Arthur Rimbaud and Roots of Surrealist Poetry

Cumhuriyet Book Review, 25 March 1999


1999- Sahiner R., “Alone in the Land of Mirrors”

Review of Jean Baudrillard’s book ‘Perfect Crime’

            Cumhuriyet Book Review, 14 January 1999


1998- Sahiner R., “Limits of Reality and Illusion”

Review of Jean Baudrillard’s book ‘America’

            Cumhuriyet Book Review, 01 October 1998


1998- Sahiner R., “El Greco: Secretive Son of the Light”

            Article about the Secrets in El Greco’s Life and Artworks

Cumhuriyet Book Review, 02 July 1998


1997- Sahiner R., “Culture, Pretending and Historicism”

Cumhuriyet Book Review, 17 April 1997


1996- Sahiner R.,  “Contemporary Reality, Allegory and Kafka”

Comment on Franz Kafka and Contemporary Literature

Cumhuriyet Book Review, 28 August 1996


1996- Sahiner R., “Conceptual Terrorist Questioning his Era”

Review of Jean Baudrillard’s book ‘The Transparency of Evil’

            Cumhuriyet (Newspaper) Book Review, 20 June 1996


1996- Sahiner R., “Kitsch, Pop, and Our Utopias

            Analysis about Pop Art, Postmodernism, and Kitsch

            Siyah Beyaz Gazetesi (Newspaper Black & White), 5 March 1996


1996- Sahiner R., "Wake up to War"

             Critique of Hayri Esmer's exhibition in the Foundation of ODTU Parlar

             Siyah Beyaz Gazetesi, 21 February 1996


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